Private Coaching with Cricket

If you’re a woman that’s feeling emotionally stuck. Like you wish you could be living a more passionate life on your own terms. It feels like everything is piled on top of you and it’s hard to breathe. Like you can’t live your at your true potential because you’re emotionally drained and confined in someone else’s box. 

Goddess Initiative is here to help you find your deepest love and passion for yourself. Who you are at your core is firey, passionate, creative and incredibly driven. In 8 weeks we’ll be working to unlock that part of you, to bring who you really are to the surface and into the world. 

8 weeks

2 Sessions per week

1-hour private sessions via Zoom



$3500 pay in full 


2 payments of $1750

We all know when a woman who is grounded and confident in her own radiance walks into the room. 

Your own inner fire responds to her energy and longs to be free and expressed like hers. You feel like like it can’t or shouldn’t be expressed. You feel like it might be too much or intimidate too many people but when you drop your guard and learn to accept yourself, cherish yourself…. that type of calm, grounded confidence is already within you. It just needs to be supported as it emerges. 

Yes, you can have everything you want in life.

Emotional Clearing:

5 basics to faster, better and easier performance