Ready to unlock the potential that’s hidden in your business dreams?

Join the Consortium of Elite Mental Performance

Coaches, both experienced and brand new


 Your business has so much potential. You know it does; it’s your dream. You have a vision for it and you really, really want it to become everything you’ve been hoping for. If you could just… unlock it. Open it up. Let everything that you see come out into the world. 

Utilizing the Elite Mental Performance System we’ll be unlocking everything you see in your big vision. We’ll be diving into the systems and structures of your business and getting everything set up for effective and efficient business and powerful coaching with your clients. 

After a day together getting all that accomplished, yes only one day, and then we dive into unlocking YOU and teaching you how to utilize the EMP System with your own clients to create even more powerful and potent transformations for them.

A full day in-person on-boarding day, personal coaching, training, and the teaching of the tools we use. 

Your business potential, your personal potential and your coaching potential ALL unlocked. 


$1500/month x 8

Pay in full option available if desired

Details of Joining

Private Full Day Business Set Up & On-boarding 

  • Evaluate your existing systems, structures and focus
  • Implementing the new clarity and efficiency methods
  • Setting up any new systems and structures 
  • Adding your offers & bio to the website

What happens after your Onboarding:

  • 8 months of private coaching
  • Teaching you the EMP System
  • Continual education as you develop more coaching skills
  • Elite Mental Performance takes care of all your systems 

No coaching experience is necessary. We’ll be teaching you the skills and how to use the tools.

What else makes this & EMP different?

Traditional “Become A Coach”, “Life Coaching Certification”, and business coaching programs are cookie cutter approaches. Each person receives the same material and steps to follow in their sessions and in how they are marketing themselves and talking about what they do. This creates little duplicates of the head trainers approach that are easily recognizable in the online space. 

These traditional programs are also typically run by women in powersuits or high end dresses and men in suits and ties at five star hotels with champagne, a stage and a major stereo system that blasts music to pump everyone up. 

Did I mention these groups are typically a minimum of 50 people and some up into the hundreds??

There’s nothing wrong with these programs or coaches. They’re passing on skills and supporting others in a way that aligns with them and that is something to celebrate! However, for those of us that don’t feel like we fit in those spaces, something different is needed.

Elite Mental Performance decided to run things in a way that’s fully aligned with what they wanted to create and how they wanted to do it: inclusive, powerful, and intentional connection & purpose. 

While most of those other programs focus on one specific method and process, our approach combines the best of transformational coaching skills, emotional clearing, intuitive knowledge and understanding as well as any other flavors that each unique practitioner brings to the table themselves. 

Each person’s business looks slightly different because each person is different. Who they are meant to be supporting and working with as clients and how they do that is going to be filled with so much individual personality and style and that is exactly what we desire to help them emphasize.

Our desire is to be fully supportive of each person personally, professionally and financially. This means we have intentionally built in the ways to be sure they are developing themselves personally, learning high level skills and knowledge continuously and working with paying clients by month 2 of their time with EMP.

We want you to grow and expand. The systems and structures of this program are meant to help you flourish and fly higher and higher. The same is true for the way the company supports and is structured. 

In the sports industry? Have a passion for spirituality? Love the metaphysical and world of magic? Perhaps sex coaching and relationships is a passion of yours. Or art therapy. Is health and fitness your jam? Mindset? Money?  ALL of it is welcome. Variety and diversity is something we value but more importantly, we value YOU and your unique purpose in this world. 

“Life Coaching” may be the generic term that has now become accepted mainstream but don’t let that deter you from becoming exactly who and what kind of coach and practitioner you want to be. Elite Mental Performance is designed to help you thrive and be a part of a team that is high level, expansive and focused on powerful transformations for clients and practitioners. 

If you’re looking for the suit and tie, stereotypical, business coaching or heirary based company that’s focused on rankings, titles, labels and making sure you climb the ladder… this isn’t for you. 

Status quo isn’t our style.

Same old, same old doesn’t fly. 

Following the rules isn’t gonna happen. 

Dogma doesn’t have a place. 

And perfectly professional doesn’t really fit. 

Emotional Clearing:

5 basics to faster, better and easier performance