2nd Annual


When: January 21-25, 2021

Where: Dauphin Island, Alabama

Hosted by Kelly Grignon

Crack yourself open to dive into your truth. We will be identifying your core wounds, limiting beliefs and repeating patterns. 

Was 2020 a shock to your system and it feels like your foundation and the anchors are crumbling and unstable?

Do you feel like your more overwhelmed than before and like you just can’t seem to do what you know you need to do?

Wishing you had more will power to make your dreams become your reality and yet you have no idea what direction to go in to make it happen?

Are you second guessing your intuition, convinced it’s just your ego and a crazy voice in your head?

What if you could tap into and trust your intuition so you knew what direction to go in?

What if you had the kind of powerful clarity on your vision that your fears dissolved?


It will feel exciting, powerful and like a weight has been removed from your shoulders while a fire has been lit from within. 

Certainty, stability 

A deep, calm confidence again (or for the first time!)

Step fully into your power and remove the conditioning that’s been holding you back.

Heal trauma and wounds.

Deeply connect to your self and your soul.

Unlock flow, aliveness, presence and pleasure.

Think of it like a reset and a restart with a higher level of programming and functionality. Clearing out the old, refreshing your vision and ideas and coming out on the other side better than before.

Investment: $3500 

or $1200 deposit + 3 payments of $765

Note: Accomodation and meals are provided for you

Also includes a professional photoshoot and edited photos

Emotional Clearing:

5 basics to faster, better and easier performance