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Unlock your sports teams potential:

Change Management Consulting

When you can see the potential bubbling under the surface in every player and rebuilding is under way but unlocking everything is moving rather slowly and you want it to happen now. Increasing playing performance and improving team dynamics is where we’ll use the EMP System to open everything up for the entire team.

Unlock your personal potential:

Private Coaching & Retreats

The dreams you’ve had since you were younger are meant to be yours but sometimes the process of turning the fantasy into reality is difficult. You can feel the potential in yourself (or maybe you’re relying on what one person said they saw within you at some point) and you want to bring it all to the surface and out into the world. Your personal potential is needed in this world. Your purpose, confidence, and healing is waiting. Unlock it.

Unlock your businesses potential:

Join the EMP Consortium

Being able to get your business set up and running with efficiency and effectiveness is one of the biggest struggles online entrepreneurs run into. You feel all the potential of your dreams and desires but getting it to finally work is taking longer than you wish it would. With the EMP System as your foundation your business gets to show up powerfully and your clients get even better results, starting now. 

Find yourself. 

Connect with your purpose. 

Clear the path & confidently walk it


“Before our first clearing together on the 31st every time I breathed in I experienced sharp pain. During the clearing I felt really emotional and was experiencing a lot of tears. I was in so much relief after. I really hadn’t realized how much of the pain was stress related.
This was my first time doing any clearings. I’d love to continue dipping my toe in if you’ll have me! Your work is so much appreciated especially at this time. Thanks so much Kelly!”



“I have been feeling super calm these last few days, beathing through the different feelings that come up rather than fixating on them and going crazy. I appreciate all you do for the masses!”


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If you’ve got something in mind, we’re all ears. 

Your potential. Your purpose. Your life. It’s time to unlock it all. 

Emotional Clearing:

5 basics to faster, better and easier performance